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The Subway of Cupcakes | A New Idea That Sweet Shops Should Be Implementing | SweetToothCPA

Just when you think all the good ideas are taken here comes a new one and it’s a smart idea for sweet shops. In Arlington, Texas they now have a build your own cupcake factory. You can go down the assembly line, add your own icing and swirls and sprinkles and flavors to different kinds of cakes and build your own cupcakes.

Just when you thought it was limited to sandwiches and pizzas and ice cream. Now a great idea is added to cupcakes too. I think this is awesome and kudos to the owner Ginger Midkiff in Arlington, Texas for this great creation it’s called Under the Icing. When I’m out at Arlington, I’m gonna be sure to stop by and see her. That sounds like a great idea. Good job, keep those good ideas coming.

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