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Services for Dessert Shops | Sweet Tooth CPAs

Working with someone who understands your business and industry is crucial to your success. You wouldn’t expect your primary care physician to perform heart surgery. You’d want a specialist to make sure that you had the top care.

Guess what? You deserve a specialist who understands your baking business inside out. And that’s where Sweet Tooth CPAs comes into the picture. We work with dessert shop owners like you every day and we understand things like pricing, inventory management, and operations.

We’ll make sure you’re operating at the optimum levels. We can help you pinpoint problem areas and make adjustments to increase the value of your business. If your accountant doesn’t understand your industry, you’re missing out. It’s definitely time to take a look at how Sweet Tooth CPAs can help you become more profitable and save money on taxes. Check out our packages designed specifically for sweet shop owners and sign up today.

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Sweet Tooth CPA

Creativity and CPAs don’t generally go together.  Most people think of CPAs as nerdy accountants who can’t talk with people.  Well, it’s time to break that stereotype.  Lively, friendly, and knowledgeable can be a part of your relationship with your CPA as demonstrated by Donna and Chad Bordeaux.  They have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs.  They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams.   They have been able to help businesses earn many times more profit than the average business in the same industry and are passionate about helping industries that help families build great memories.