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Hiring Interns

Hey dessert shop owners, are you having trouble getting employees? I have another idea for you, we talked about some ways to attract possible employees. I’ve got another one for you today.

How about interns? Have you checked with any local schools? Some high schools have culinary programs? Also, colleges and technical schools definitely have culinary programs where you may have a culinary school in the area, check with them to see if you can get an intern. Interns are a good way to get people who actually are motivated to learn, and you can train them on how you do things, and maybe they can bring some new school skills to your shop as well.

But interns sometimes are paid and sometimes they’re not. If they’re offered college credit, sometimes you don’t have to pay them it can be part of their tuition through the school. Otherwise, you may have to pay them, but keep in mind that you do have to pay everyone minimum wage unless you have that exemption from a college.

For profit businesses must pay employees based on the department of labor standards. If you are a government or a volunteer nonprofit agency, you may have some outs there, but otherwise, you’re going to have to pay. Even if you call them interns, you cannot have volunteer labor. But if you go through a local school or college, you may be able to get some of that valuable help you need. And if you’re like most shops right now, you’d be willing to pay. If you could just find some qualified staff.

So check that out. And also another little tidbit, watch you may be able to get an intern in a business or marketing capacity as well. Those might be just as valuable for you as the culinary students too, so see what you can do and contact your local schools. Please remember to follow us on YouTube. Subscribe to our page at Sweet Tooth CPAs and check out our website and blog at Thank you very much.

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Sweet Tooth CPA

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