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Employment Termination: The Right Way

Are you carrying around some dead weight? Do you have employees who really aren’t cutting it for you? Well, I want to tell you today that you need to terminate them. No ifs and or buts about them, if they don’t work, they don’t work.

So, let’s talk about what the struggle is. Most people think about the termination process for a long, long time, and that’s very stressful. Instead, cut them loose, please make sure that you give everybody the opportunity to go find that job that they do well. And if they’re not working for you, let them go and help them move on to other areas where they can be successful.

You do a lot of damage to your internal shop if you keep people around who are not the best employees and not cutting it, they decrease your morale for your other employees and give a bad example of what you’ll put up with for your other employees.

In most cases, your employees know that that person should go. So they are willing to kick in that extra effort to make sure that they fill the gap if that employee is just let go. So do yourself a favor, look at your employees, make sure they are all well-suited to be there. And if you have any of those looming bad folks, that really should go kick them to the curb today, send them on their way to go find what they do best and give them the opportunity to be in a better job position or figure it out on their own, you can’t fix everybody.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Sweet Tooth CPA

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