Reduce tax bill, simplify business processes

At Sweet Tooth CPA, we specialize in helping cupcake shops and dessert cafes reduce their tax bill and simplify their business processes.

Do you know if you’re paying more tax than you have to? We found that many business owners are paying too much tax because they aren’t getting proactive advice from their accountants!

We work hard to analyse your business thoroughly so you get every deduction you’re entitled to.

Save You Time

We help business owners stop wasting time tracking expenses and help them get back to running their businesses. We can save you time by implementing appropriate systems to automatically track expenses.

That’s just one of many ways we can save you precious time!

Reduce Your Taxes

Our specialized strategies help you to structure your income in a way that minimizes your tax bill.

We’ve found that most business owners do not receive proactive tax advice to help them reduce their tax liability.
Our industry knowledge and innovative processes allow business owners to be more productive and minimize the time and effort spent keeping their records in order.

We’ll calculate how much you need to set aside to cover your tax and automatically set up a transfer to avoid issues when it’s time to pay your taxes. We offer customized options with an active tax monitoring dashboard so you always know what you need to save.

Let us identify how much you are wasting on taxes. It’s free for us to take a look at your previous returns and let you know how much tax waste we can help you recover.

Get Useful Solutions

We’ll answer all those stressful tax and accounting questions in plain English.

Talk to our industry experts to help save you time and money.


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