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Don’t overpay sales tax on your purchases

Do you know how to use a resale certificate to eliminate paying excess sales tax?

But resale certificates should be used when buying things that are going to be resold to your end user, your customer. So if you’re buying supplies that you want to use to make cakes, do recipes with, and utilize in a finished good or finished product that you’ll be selling to the consumer, you shouldn’t be paying sales tax on it.

That just saved you anywhere from 5 to 10%, depending on your local sales tax. So make sure that you utilize that resale certificate, whenever buying things that are going to be part of your finished product. Now, you can’t use this on things like paper towels and supplies, planning supplies, things like that. It must be something that will be in the final product that you were going to resell to your customers and charge sales tax on when it’s a finished product.

So, take your sales tax ID number and that gets listed on the resale certificate, and let your banker know that you’re purchasing for resale. Now, sometimes you may have to split up the order into two different charges. Maybe some of the items are for resale and some are not, but it’s well worth the cost to save that extra sales tax that you don’t need to pay.

If you overpaid, you probably won’t ever be able to get it back. So, make sure you use your resale certificate for things that are going to be part of something you will sell to your customers.

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