You really can have your cake and eat it, too

Bake sound financial decision-making and elevated accounting into the DNA of your entrepreneurship so that your business can support you, as you have supported it.

Proofing peace of mind with proactive accounting advice.

Say goodbye to operations overwhelm, decision fatigue, and fear of surprises.

You have better things to do than crunch numbers, like loving why you opened your shoppe in the first place. Family businesses, reinvented careers, and modern entrepreneurs get rid of the headache of accounting work (and making expensive mistakes!) by leaving it to the pros. We’ll show you the best path forward to maximize your investment…and your dreams.

Think like a CEO.

Your relationship with your CPA should mature in tandem with your business goals. This is a positive-feedback loop; you trust us with the inner workings of your empire-building and we’ll deliver squeaky-clean books, loan readiness, financial strategy, and bare-minimum tax bills. And together, we’ll keep Uncle Sam happy with irreproachable filings.

Plan for profitability.

Many owner-operators pay too much tax because they don’t receive proactive accounting advice. We specialize in helping bakeries, coffee shops, and food-focused retail owners reduce their tax bills (legally) and build their businesses. Our team works hard to ensure you only pay what you owe and that the things you have to spend money on don’t break the bank. 

Planning for success

Running a business is no small feat. At Sweet Tooth CPA we see ourselves as your business partners.

Our business advisors will constantly analyse your numbers to see if there are any issues on the horizon. We’ll also work with you to prevent these issues and overcome barriers to success.